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The Garden House

3rd April 2017

The Garden House is a 9 acre garden run as a charitable trust. We have a small staff, myself Head Gardener, Foreman David Milburn - both of us fulltime plus Louise Jenkins, Patanne Reed, and Hazel Ward part-time gardeners and  two full time trainees. For several years the FSF have been kind enough to provide a wage for one of our two trainees (the other is funded by a bequest). The two trainees are part of the Professional Gardener’s Guild traineeship scheme and our responsibility to them is to train them how to garden in the practical sense by doing. We also benefit from having a retired Gardener David Miles  as a trainee mentor to show the trainees specific craft skills such as pruning in detail and also complete plant idents with them. The academic side of their placement – keeping of diaries and writing a management report is assessed by the PGG. The trainees are vital to our ability to maintain and develop the Garden and we hope that they get a real insight not just into the basic maintenance of a garden but an understanding of its history and the ethos of future development and acquire good plant knowledge and  are inspired to design landscapes in the future.

The above photos are of Brad Bing our FSF funded trainee who started with us in September 2016 and will complete his placement at the end of August 2017. I will send another Email with some more photos of previous years trainees.
Cheers Nick Haworth, Head Gardener.

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