Valerie Finnis / RHS Lindley Collections

The grant process

We will consider applications for one-off grants up to £10,000, but because of the high demand, most grants are currently £5,000 or less. Exceptionally, when funds permit, grants of as much as £60,000 are made, payable over several years.

The Trustees are keen to support horticultural training through bursaries and apprenticeships. Applications should be made by the sponsoring institution: individuals may not apply. Grants are not offered for covering usual salary commitments, nor for expenditure already incurred.

Valerie Finnis / RHS Lindley Collections

  • 1.

    Guidelines for Applicants

    Please read the Guidelines for Applicants carefully to ensure you meet the criteria.

    Read Guidelines

  • 2.

    Application Form

    Complete the application form and submit it online, with the requested accompanying documents.

    Fill in Application Form

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    Deadline & Acknowledgement

    The date of the next Trustees’ meeting is 16 October 2024.

    The last date for receipt of applications is 4pm on 6 September 2024.

    Late applications will not be considered.

    Your application will be acknowledged by email within two weeks. If your application is ineligible, you will be informed. All eligible applications will be assessed. You may be asked to provide further information. It can take approximately four weeks after the Trustees’ meeting before you are notified of the result.

Valerie Finnis / RHS Lindley Collections

Valerie Finnis / RHS Lindley Collections